Till Gröner

Till Gröner | © SUPERTECTURE

Curriculum Vitæ

The architect Till Gröner (39) has studied in Berlin, Rio de Janiero, Hong Kong and Tbilisi before joining the international relief organization “greenhelmets”.

As their managing director he has worked for humanitarian construction and design projects in many regions of crisis, disasters and poverty all over the world. In the field of design build projects Till is constantly teaching at various schools of architecture. 2017 Till has established his own organization SUPERTECTURE – a group of young volunteering architects striving after highly environmentally friendly buildings for people in need of social construction projects for the common benefit. SUPERTECTURE is currently working on projects in Tansania and Nepal.

In the south of Germany SUPERTCTURE is on the way of realizing the organization’s headquarter for young motivated architects worldwide.


Dear young architect: don’t ever let your school of architecture interfere with your education, your freedom, your global resposibility and all your endless opportunities within our powerful profession. Enjoy your fabulous architectural tools for building a chair, a house, a city or nothing at all but whatever you do – be absolutely sure to totally unlearn before what was tought you from us: the planet’s population of today, responsible for tremendous social injustice, manmade climate crisis, turbo-capitalism, exagerated convenience, the exploitation of ressources, epic waste production and even war …

Don‘t missuse the superpower of architecture.
Heal the world and make it a better place.
The opportunity‘s on.
(with a little help from Marc Twain, Anna Heringer, Louis Kahn, supertecture, Michael Jackson and Cat Stevens)